Your source for scripturally sound principles and life skills that encourage and enhance a strong and vital relationship with the Lord, helping you to live out of the overflow of your relationship with Him.

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Overflow Ministries

Overflow Ministries International was developed to deliver Bible-based mentoring programs, seminars, literature, and other forms of mass media for the purpose of educating and…

Overflow Mentoring & Coaching

Overflow Mentoring & Coaching is a discipleship-based group designed to help you assess and implement the priorities for a high impact life.  Under the guidance of Dr. D’Ann V. Johnson…

Tea Time with Dr. D

Tea Time with Dr. D’ is a dynamic event designed to gather women for a time of encouragement and refreshing.  Attended by a diverse blend of women from all ages and stages, each Tea Time…

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Leading people into an intimate relationship with the Lord.

What People are Saying About Overflow

Pamela Randall

Pamela_RandallThank you, Dr. D’Ann for your obedience and willingness to share the Overflow with God’s daughters who seek wisdom, change and fire in themselves, their homes and their ministries.

Delisa Woods

delisa_woodsBeing a part of Overflow changed my life tremendously. Our monthly “life-changing” meetings always put things in perspective for me. Dr. D is wise, transparent, and truly loves God.

Melissa Alcorn

Melissa_AlcornOverflow with Dr. D is a gift from God that you will spend the rest of your life opening! The wisdom received when Dr. D speaks increases you a thousand times more than you are…

Tara James

Tara_JamesDr. D’Ann is committed to sharing the word of God without apology. You can be assured of receiving sound instruction and wise guidance from this amazing woman of God.

Tina McCrea

Tina_McCreaDr. D was available for one-on-one time and helped me make tough decisions that pushed me into my destiny and to become the leader that I am today.

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